A Simplistic Overview of How To Start Braidlocs

Published: 19th September 2011
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Have you ever pondered if it's possible or even whether or not it's a good idea to create locs with braids, i.e. braidlocs? Well, the answer is YES.

So now you may be wondering HOW to do it...how do you start braidlocs. This article is going to advise you as to how.

1. Clean Your Hair - The first thing you'll need in order to start braidlocs is to begin with a clean head of hair! You can condition it if you choose, but just know that this will be your last time using creamy conditioners on your hair for a little while.

2. determine what size you want your braidlocs to be - One of the major mistakes people make is making their initial BRAIDS the size they desire their locs to eventually be when they should be focusing on the size of the actual sections. In fact, there is actually a sizing chart in the Bradelocz eBook Guide that will show you how to get 3 different size variations.

3. Section your hair - Begin your sectioning from forehead to nape and from ear-to-ear and start creating the rows and then the sections for your braidlocs...then, commence to creating the plaits! I advocate beginning in the front because (and I speak from experience) people tend to get weary after a while and once that occurs, you start making your sections larger than you projected as to hurry up and finish! LOL!

4. Finishing up - Once your whole head of hair is finally braided up, you can mist your new braidlocs lightly with a spray bottle of water and (optional) your favorite essential oil(s)

Now exhale, rest your arms & fingers then take a photo and pat yourself on the back for a job well-done as well as the fact that you have now began your journey to a magnificent head of braidlocs!

Some Other Things To Bear in Mind:

You may want to take into consideration (prior to getting started, of course) whether or not you are going to D.I.Y. (do it yourself) or have someone else either help you or do it for you, period.

You should also consider how you anticipate to care for them. Will you palmroll the roots every week or two and if so, what products are you going to use that won't cause build up or excess lint accretion. Or...

Do you intend to freeform where you do nothing else outside of washing and splitting up the locs that try to "marry" together? Or...

Are you going to use an interlocking method where you actually put the new growth into a "holding patter" of sorts and if so, will you utilize a tool such as a latch hook or just your own fingers?

So those are some things you'll want to be sure you ponder on as you're deciding on braidlocs as well as after you've already made the decision and even began them.


Cherie King, has presented to you a simplistic overview of how to start braidlocs...but if you'd like to learn how you can get even MORE in depth information on starting & caring for braidlocs as well as stages they go through, how to deal with those stages, how to maintain & style them and more - then stop by The Official Bradelocz Blog today!

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